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Back in my early days of online marketing, my income was “sporadic”. I had some good months and I had some awful months.

Trouble is, a “yo-yo income effect” can create havoc with budgets, both family and business budgets.

The key that changed things for me was when I started to promote what are called “continuity” products. These products are ones that people pay for on a monthly basis. That means that you make a sale once and get paid over & over for months and, often, years to come.

These products are out there…but can be difficult to find.

Online Marketer Val Wilson and his team have created an amazing rolodex of continuity offers that you can promote – over 250 of them in 17 different profitable niches – with a breakdown of what you can earn from each one and where you can find all of the affiliate tools you need to promote them.

This is updated regularly and you will get those updates for free.

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